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Vibration Energy Harvesting Solutions for Manufacturing

IIoT devices are revolutionizing the way industrial manufacturing companies operate their facilities, produce products and organize logistics operations.
Manufacturing facilities are becoming smart by adopting various IIoT applications in order to enhance efficiency, safety, improve operational visibility and make sure that old predictive maintenance tactics are being forgotten.

It takes huge investments to renew manufacturing infrastructure, additionally we will need to wait until the technology enabling a fully automated factory floor will be developed.

By deploying Viezo autonomous wireless sensors on objects like motors, compressors or pumps and enabling predictive maintanance manufacturers can already start transforming their facilities into industry 4.0. prepared one.

The secret sauce of Viezo offer is PolyFilm™, patent pending technology allowing to generate electricity from wasted vibrations in order to power wireless IoT sensors. PolyFilm™ is incorporated in all Viezo products.

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What Are Your Manufacturing IoT Project Needs?

Predictive Maintenance Enabled?

The machines of your factory floor should just be running? And if there are any actual defects or problems those should be identified prior even noticing?

Deployment Simplicity

Aim for predictive maintenance solution which deployment would not stop the manufacturing process not even for a minute?

Innovation that Prevents Disruptions

In need for an innovative predictive maintenance solution for your manufacturing facility that would help to prevent potential disruptions that would cause downtime?

Saved Costs

Require an innovatively viable solution that would meet the limit of the company's budget and would bring a significant ROI in the long term?

How it Works?

  1. SONORA Series Wireless Vibration Sensor is installed on the electrical motor. SONORA wireless sensor is utilized for predictive maintenance of infrastructure
  2. PolyFilm™ technology utilizes wasted vibrations in order to turn those into energy and powers wireless vibration sensors
  3. SONORA self-sustainable wireless sensors read the measurement results from the conveyor and send data to the LoRaWAN gateway deployed on the manufacturing floor

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Interested in Viezo’s Vibration Energy Harvesting Solutions for Manufacturing?

Discover the Viezo Advantage

Lower OPEX

Viezo technology will allow you to save you on the company's OPEX. After deploying Viezo autonomous wireless sensors within your manufacturing facility you won’t need any solution replacement in 15 years. With Viezo any manufacturer can get significant economical benefits.

Predictive Maintenance Enabled

With Viezo technology you will be finally able to actually work on predictive maintenance of your infrastructure instead of wasting your precious resources on infrastructure repairment.

Friendly to Environment, Friendly to Your Wallet

Viezo Sonora series can help you not only with achieving significant improvements towards sustainability across your manufacturing facility processes. With Viezo you will also be able to achieve valid ROI in the long term with minimal investments.

Innovation & Simplicity

Viezo solutions enable your manufacturing infrastructure to operate without batteries or cables. Additionally Viezo offers all-in-one product design providing innovative magnetic mounting solution that substantially minimize deployment time and cost.

How Does Viezo Vibration Energy Harvesting Solutions Perform?

Sonora Series

  • Lora Connectivity
  • 3x Prolonged Service Lifetime
  • Viezo Vibration Energy Harvesting Technology
  • Low Power
  • Multiple models with sensors of your choice

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  • IP-67 Robust Metal Enclosure
  • Integrated 12 bit 3 axis accelerometer for most accurate industrial grade performance.
  • Recording Vibrations 24/7 for up to a week of operations
  • Flexible measuring range from ±0.05g to ±16g

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Interested in Viezo’s vibration energy harvesting solutions for Manufacturing?