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Sonora Series

Self – Sustainable Wireless Sensor Series

SONORA wireless autonomous sensors series is based on the LoRaWAN networking protocol. All SONORA series sensors have integrated vibration energy harvesters that utilize Viezo patent pending piezoelectric polymer technology. Stress tests conducted in third party laboratories have proven that even under the moderate vibrations the service lifetime of a product will reach the 15 years period.

Deploy & Forget Solution

Set up SONORA wireless sensors in minutes. Monitor temperature, humidity, vibration, noise changes in your application for years!

  • Lora Connectivity
  • 3x Longer Service Lifetime
  • Vibration Energy Harvesting
  • Low Power
  • Cost Savings


At Viezo we utilize Piezoelectric PVDF material to convert vibrations into energy. PolyFilm™ technology is based on the cantilever structure and as the cantilever vibrates, it generates electricity which is then stored in a supercapacitor.

Afterwards, the electricity is passed to the sensor, this way the use of batteries in Industrial IoT deployments can be avoided. We are world leaders in the power output from PVDF material. PolyFilm™ is currently patent pending

Small. Practical. Powerful.

The SONORA Series compact plastic enclosure (101x50x26mm) is specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The device also incorporates a magnetic mount, which ensures a smooth & easy installation in any application.

Prolonged Product Lifespan = Financial Benefits

SONORA self sustainable sensors have a 3 times prolonged lifespan compared to battery powered IoT sensors. When choosing Viezo your engineers will avoid unnecessary maintenance and trips to the field, while company save on operational costs.

Sensors for your Application

The SONORA Series consists of 3 models with different sensors for your application -- noise, humidity or vibration.

Each model also has a built - in temperature sensor

AccessoriesVibration Data Logger

Since SONORA sensors heavily depend on vibration level at your application, it is quite necessary to know the vibrating patterns there before you’ll proceed further.

Terra data logger will accurately evaluate the vibrations environment at your potential application, this way your company will avoid mistakes, risks and unnecessary costs.

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Development Kits

Not sure yet what kind of data you can get with Viezo technology? Or, do you want to test the Viezo in one of your applications and see if it fits your needs?

With the Viezo development kits, your engineering teams will be able to experiment as much as they need. This way your company will get a solid proof on the reliability of Viezo technology and that it is able to provide the company all the data that it needs.

Sense & Log

Sense & Log Demo Kit is useful for prototyping Industrial IoT
applications like track condition monitoring for railway or enabling asset
maintenance by utilizing vibration energy harvesting in manufacturing.

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From 595€

Harvest & Log

This demo kit helps to evaluate the vibration environment in
Industrial IoT applications like manufacturing, mining or petroleum industries.

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From 495€


Vibration: LIS2DS12 |
Noise: SPH0645LM4H-B
Humidity: SHTC3
Vibration 0-16g
Temperature –40°C (–40F) ~ 125°C (257F)
Noise 26~120dB
Temperature –40°C (–40F) ~ 125°C (257F)
Humidity: 0~100%
Temperature –40°C (–40F) ~ 125°C (257F)
Vibration 0,488
Temperature 0,0078
Noise 0,1

Temperature 0,0078
Humidity: 0,01
Temperature 0,01
Vibration ±0,001g Temperature 0,2 °C*
Noise: ±1dB
Temperature 0,2 °C*
Humidity: ±2% Temperature 0,2 °C*