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Industrial Grade 3 Axis Shock and Vibration Data Logger

Meet Terra-X, industrial grade 3-axis shock & vibration data logger from Viezo. An extremely practical and robust Viezo solution recording vibration measurements 24/7 for up to a week of operations. Rechargeable device is capable of connecting with Viezo vibration energy harvester Strider to log actual power output at the same time as logging the vibration environment.

What Terra-X can do for you

Vibration Monitoring

Use Terra-X to monitor vibrations in various environments with accuracy and precision.

Shock Monitoring

Utilize Terra-X to investigate if your products or assets are being exposed to shocks that could potentially be dangerous for the your company’s infrastructure

Condition Monitoring

Use Terra-X to monitor your infrastructure to detect exsisting system failures and use the data to predict the potential defects before they even occur.

Equipment Health Monitoring

Employ Viezo Terra-X in safeguarding the stability and health of your company’s equipment and machinery.

True Badass Vibration
Data Logger


Adjust the measuring range as your application requires. Terra incorporates different measuring range from ±0.05g to ±16g


Deploy Terra data logger with confidence in harsh outdoor environments. Its waterproof IP67 enclosure stands up to dust, vibrations and severe weather conditions.


Terra is capable of recording 1000 acceleration values per axis per second. Additional 3 ADC channels supported.

Viezo Cloud

The results of vibration measurement will be available in .csv format.
Additionally Viezo Cloud solution is coming in 2021 Q1. Viezo Cloud will allow engineers to analyse the vibrations and convert measurement data into file data that is convenient for your company

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