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Power your IoT Network in a Sustainable Fashion

Strider is here to impress you. Generate electricity from wasted vibrations to power your wireless IoT sensors, therefore prolonging their lifetime and increasing the amount of measurements and data shipments.

Vibration Energy Harvester Reimagined

Lead-Free Piezoelectric Cantilever

Care for sustainability reflects in our choices. All electronic components within Viezo products are lead free.

Embedded Rechargeable Supercap

The supercap is there to store additionally generated energy for further use of your solution when vibrations are not present.

Rugged & Robust Aluminum Case

Deploy Strider with confidence even in harsh outdoor environments. Its rugged and robust aluminum case stands up to dust, vibrations and severe weather conditions

Ultimate Flexibility

Patent pending PolyFilm technology allows to build energy harvesters of any size and power caliber. You name it.


Power output
3,4mW (1g)
81x55x18 mm
20-100 Hz
Output Voltage
1,8V - 3,6V
Service Life
>10 years
Operating Temperature
-30 ... +60 C