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Product Design

Take Maximum Advantage of PolyFilm.
Tailored Towards your Industrial Application

Viezo can implement your ideas into commercial devices and software for your Industrial IoT Applications.

Our proprietary vibration energy harvesting technology PolyFilm™ can be integrated into custom solutions and products of our customers.

Product Design

Viezo will work with your idea, perform detailed electronic design, review the prototype design and take care of manufacturing process if needed. Fast. And in tact your budget.
Device Development

Why Viezo?

Proprietary Technology

Utilize a number of advantages of Patent pending vibration energy harvesting technology in your application. Extend service life of Wireless IoT sensors more than 3 times compared to common sensors that utilize batteries and save your OPEX.

Ecosystem Partnerships

Partnerships with leading manufacturers, Universities, and suppliers got us covered and guarantee attractive pricing.

Customized Solutions

Tailored features & settings for offering scenario-specific solutions to your clients, available upon request.

Ready to Start your Project with Viezo?

Contact us and Learn more about our Vibration Energy Harvesting Technology!