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Vibration Energy Harvesting Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Vibration affects the performance and service life of various oil and gas industry assets, including oil rigs, shale shakers, oil and gas pipelines, drill bits and offshore platforms. Eliminating the flaws of vibration, while at the same time utilizing its advantages, has always been one of the priorities of the industry.

Deploying industrial IoT solutions can help oil and gas operating companies solve various challenges which are faced every day.

By deploying Viezo autonomous wireless sensors oil and gas operators can reduce costly downtime, increase efficiency on their premises as well as boost performance at every step of production.

The secret sauce of Viezo offer is PolyFilm™, patent pending technology allowing to generate electricity from wasted vibrations in order to power wireless IoT sensors. PolyFilm™ is incorporated in all Viezo products.

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What Are Your Oil & Gas IoT Project Needs?

True Predictive Maintenance

Heavy machinery and assets of your company should just be working? And if there are any actual defects or problems those must be identified prior even noticing?


Your company’s oil-producing wells are built in northern seas, and gas pipelines go through deserts and tundras? Feel necessity for robustness and a solution that would withstand extreme environmental conditions and highly stressful situations?

Avoid Costly Downtime

Company’s powerful super-machines, drills and other heavy infrastructure relies on legacy monitoring systems? Upgrading them requires big money and manpower, while the downtime would cost even more?

Want to Lead the Top?

Experience growing competition both within the market and from the green energy sector? Looking for a solution that would help you adapt innovation and sustainability initiatives into your daily business operations this way ensuring that you retain market share in the industry that is a pillar for many economies.

How it Works?

  1. SONORA Series Wireless Vibration Sensor is installed on the bearings of reciprocating compressors to assure the proper running of the compressor. Sonora wireless sensor is utilized for predictive maintenance of infrastructure
  2. PolyFilm™ technology utilizes wasted vibrations in order to turn those into energy and powers wireless vibration sensors
  3. SONORA self-sustainable wireless sensors read the measurement results from the compressor and send data to the LoRaWAN gateway deployed nearby

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Interested in Viezo’s vibration energy harvesting solutions for Oil & Gas?

Discover the Viezo Advantage

Predictive Maintenance

Viezo technology can predict when the conditions of expensive equipment change and where maintenance is required. And it is quite obvious that on-demand maintenance is more cost-efficient than routine check-ups.

Reduce your Environmental Impact

Minimize the negative environmental impact that is associated with oil&gas industry. By providing fully autonomous vibration powered wireless sensors Viezo goal is to partner up with those oil & gas operators that are responsible for tomorrow’s world this way helping them to earn an additional competitive advantage.


All Viezo devices are made in durable fashion. Devices designed for oil & gas applications have waterproof IP-67 rated enclosures that stand up to dust and inclement weather conditions. Viezo products are ATEX certification pending.

Lower OPEX

Viezo technology will allow you to save you on the company's OPEX. After deploying Viezo autonomous wireless sensors within your oil & gas infrastructure you won’t need any solution replacement in 15 years. With Viezo any oil & gas operator can get significant economical benefits.

Optimized Time and Safety Ensured

Avoid routine check-ups of your assets, optimize your manpower and cut down on non-productive time for your team by enabling on - demand maintenance. Reduce the chance of an unwanted accident at the facility and improve safety of your workers.

Introduce Innovation to your Operations

Exploit all benefits of vibration energy harvesting for predictive maintenance of your drilling processes and machinery conditions. Maintain the control over all operations and quickly respond to changes. Additionally Viezo predictive maintenance solutions won’t require any additional batteries or cables at your facility. Such innovative product design will substantially minimize deployment cost and time.

How Does Viezo Vibration Energy Harvesting Solutions Perform?

Sonora Series

  • Lora Connectivity
  • 3x Prolonged Service Lifetime
  • Viezo Vibration Energy Harvesting Technology
  • Low Power
  • Multiple models with sensors of your choice

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  • IP-67 Robust Metal Enclosure
  • Integrated 12 bit 3 axis accelerometer for most accurate industrial grade performance.
  • Recording Vibrations 24/7 for up to a week of operations
  • Flexible measuring range from ±0.05g to ±16g

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Interested in Viezo’s vibration energy harvesting solutions for Oil & Gas?