Solution is built on monitoring the axle box bearing health, registering wheel set mileage, detecting the flat spots on the wheels and GPS-locating of wagons.


Powerail Gateway is an autonomous wireless device, which concentrates the data from all sensors on the same wagon, locates the wagon and shares the acquired data to the cloud server. It is powered by efficient solar panel and equipped with a solid rechargeable battery to remain maintenance-free for years.


Upper case

Upper case is made from enclosure material - ABS. It’s IP rating is IP66. Case is heavy duty, thick wall design with an average wall thickness of 3.3 mm It’s dust, water proof and flame retardant.


Supercapacitor features low self discharge, high operating voltage, wide operating temperature range and high capacitance. It stores the electricity once it is not needed for sensors and holds it until the sensor requests it.

Energy harvester

Vibration energy harvester is based on a unique piezoelectric PVDF polymer material which overlays on the cantilever. As the cantilever vibrates, it generates electricity which is then stored in a supercapacitor.


The sensor measures vibrations on three axes at certain intervals and sends collected data to the gateway via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The sensor is equipped with an accelerometer, which can measure accelerations up to 16g at maximum speeds of 25 600 samples per second.

Bottom case

Powerail bottom case is made with 3D printer from PET-G material. It it has significant chemical resistance and durability. The bottom case can be adapted by the axle box form or type.


The sensor is mounted with either M10 or M8 bolt, depending on the boogie. Together with the bolt, sensor is mounted with metal bushing, which ensures the mounting according to the requirements.



Powerail software will use Viezo’s proprietary algorithms, to accurately and proactively detect and inform about any inconsistencies or anomalies in your railway infrastructure.

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