Powerail – advanced solution designed to address problems of railway wagon bearings and wheels. It can accurately detect pitting, spalling, cracks, and dents on the bearings, as well as identify flat spots, shelling, and local dents on the wheels.

Third Party Gateways

Powerail will maintain compatibility with the ITSS IF2 Lite (IEEE) standard, which enables seamless connectivity between Powerail and third-party gateway.


Upper case

Upper case is made from enclosure material - ABS. It’s IP rating is IP66. Case is heavy duty, thick wall design with an average wall thickness of 3.3 mm It’s dust, water proof and flame retardant.


Supercapacitor features low self discharge, high operating voltage, wide operating temperature range and high capacitance. It stores the electricity once it is not needed for sensors and holds it until the sensor requests it.

Energy harvester

Vibration energy harvester is based on a unique piezoelectric PVDF polymer material which overlays on the cantilever. As the cantilever vibrates, it generates electricity which is then stored in a supercapacitor.


The sensor measures vibrations on three axes at certain intervals sends collected data to the gateway via ITSS-IF2. The sensor uses two MEMS accelerometers, one with a high ODR and one with a low ODR, to provide different levels of detail for the vibration data. They can measure accelerations up to 16g at maximum speed of 25 600 samples per second.


Powerail holder is made from stainless steel, designed in a shape which can fit to many axleboxes.


ITSS integration

Powerail v2 maintains compatibility with the ITSS IF2 Lite (IEEE) standard. The standard is a communication protocol used in low-power wireless networks for telematics devices and sensors. It facilitates seamless compatibility between devices from different vendors, utilising IEEE 802.15.4 transceivers operating on the 2.4 GHz ISM band. This integration expands the possibilities for connectivity and ensures a smooth exchange of data between Powerail v2 sensors and various gateway solutions.