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Self – Sustainable Bearing & Wheel monitoring system

Powerail wireless autonomous sensors series is based on the BLE and 4G LTE networking protocols.
All Powerail sensors have integrated vibration energy harvesters that utilize Viezo patent pending piezoelectric polymer technology. Stress tests conducted in third party laboratories have proven that even under the moderate vibrations the service lifetime of a product will reach the 15 years period.
Gateway will also utilise various forms of energy harvesting to match the lifetime of the sensors

Deploy & Forget Solution

Installed and ready to use in minutes.
Monitor vibration and temperature on each axle box of the wagon for years!

  • LTE Connectivity
  • 3x Longer Service Lifetime
  • Vibration Energy Harvesting
  • Frequent reporting
  • Cost Savings


At Viezo we utilize Piezoelectric PVDF material to convert vibrations into energy. PolyFilm™ technology is based on the cantilever structure and as the cantilever vibrates, it generates electricity which is then stored in a supercapacitor.

Afterwards, the electricity is passed to the sensor, this way the use of batteries in Industrial IoT deployments can be avoided. We are world leaders in the power output from PVDF material. PolyFilm™ is currently patent pending

Reduced downtime & delays

The proper timely monitoring with the help of the sensors results in preventing downtime and delays of the trainsets.

Reduced unnecessary maintenance costs

Costs resulted from the routine physical trips to check and maintain the bearings and wheels can be reduced significantly, since all necessary data will be available online.

Condition-Based Monitoring

Sensors equipped on each axlebox will share the bearing and wheel condition data to the cloud; therefore, empowering the maintenance based on condition of the asset.


Powerail Gateway is an autonomous wireless device, which concentrates the data from all eight sensors on the same wagon, locates the wagon and shares the acquired data to the cloud server. It is powered by efficient solar panel and equipped within a solid recheargable battery to remain maintenance-free for years.

Easy trial

One thing faster than our installation process is our response time. All we have to do is: Agree on the quantity of wagons you want to test, location, software integration, payment terms, length of trial and we will take care of the rest.

Powerail Trial

First customers’ pre-orders will be installed in January of 2022. Pre-order now for 50% of the total price. Pay the rest after the installation is complete.