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Vibration Energy Harvesting Solutions for Railway

Autonomous Wireless Sensors for Largest Transportation and Mobility Industry

Railway is one of the most vibration and noise polluted industries.
Take advantage of it! Generate electricity from wasted vibrations to power your wireless IoT sensors with PolyFilm™ –innovative technology which allows to extract as much power as possible with the PVDF material which is used in Viezo devices.


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What Are Your Railway Industrial IoT Project Needs?

Simplified Maintenance

Engineers spend too much time conducting maintenance trips? There are plenty of tasks in the back office?

Deployment Simplicity

In need of a solution which deployment would not stop railway traffic for a day?


In need of a solution that would withstand extreme environmental conditions?

Saved Costs

Require an innovatively viable solution that would meet the limit of the company's yearly budget?


As a railway operator you are always looking for innovative solutions that would increase the rail network’s capacity

How it Works?

  1. SONORA Series Wireless Vibration Sensor is installed on the axle bearing
    of the rolling stock
  2. PolyFilm™ powers wireless vibration sensor
  3. SONORA self-sustainable wireless sensors do the measurements on the
    rolling stock bearing axle bearingss and send data to the LoRaWAN gateway deployed on the GSM-R mast near the railway.

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Interested in Viezo’s vibration energy harvesting solutions for Railway?

Discover the Viezo Advantage

Lower OPEX

Viezo technology will allow you to save you on the company's OPEX. After deploying Viezo autonomous wireless sensors within your railway track infrastructure you won’t need any solution replacement in 15 years. With Viezo any railway operator can get significant economical benefits.

Avoid Maintenance Trips

Choosing Viezo your engineers will avoid unnecessary maintenance trips to the field and have more time to focus on unsolved problems in the back office. Additionally your company will save on fuel expenses, while environment will benefit from lower CO2 emissions.

Additional Competitive Advantage

Sustainable development is a top level priority of policy makers around the world. For example European Green Deal initiative seeks full decarbonisation by 2050 and Railway industry is a huge part of it. Viezo can already provide railway operators with fully operating sustainable technology for various applications within their industry.

Viezo Simplicity

All-in-one product design providing innovative magnetic mounting solution that minimize deployment time and cost.

How Does Viezo Vibration Energy Harvesting Solutions Perform?

Sonora Series

  • Lora Connectivity
  • 3x Prolonged Service Lifetime
  • Viezo Vibration Energy Harvesting Technology
  • Low Power
  • Multiple models with sensors of your choice

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  • IP-67 Robust Metal Enclosure
  • Integrated 12 bit 3 axis accelerometer for most accurate industrial grade performance.
  • Recording Vibrations 24/7 for up to a week of operations
  • Flexible measuring range from ±0.05g to ±16g

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Interested in Viezo’s vibration energy harvesting solutions for Railway?